Winder spindles optimized plug can reduce labor and time

      WUXI D&T IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD. Since its introduction Autoeoner338 type winder, adjust the position of the front and rear spindles plug has been vexing problem.

      After careful observation and repeated testing, we finally found the root of the problem. Due to adjust on the original machine adjustable cam radius is too small (or after long-term use has been worn), so when adjusting stroke is small. In this regard, we have processed a nylon ring, the ring thickness of 10 mm, the inner circle diameter 19.24 mm, outer diameter of 22.24 mm, which is fitted over the original wear adjustment cam, both increase the dynamic adjustment process, to facilitate the adjustment, but also improves the flexibility of adjustment.

Due to adjust the length of the disc is not enough, and easy to grip smooth surfaces, resulting in completion of adjustment must be shared by both front and rear, so time-consuming, so we adjust the disc has been transformed, the adjustment disc is removed from the machine, made of nylon with homemade artifacts linked (with two 3 mm screw and washer fastening).

     The workpiece is made 20 mm thick, the inner circle diameter 25 mm, outer diameter of 41 mm ring, the vertical and horizontal direction is formed with two holes each of 2.8 mm. The adjustment disc mounted on the machine, put springs, gaskets, using E-type clamp fixed, then the material is made of nylon plastic plate with a square piece of the homemade connected (using two 3 mm screw and washer fastening ). Such adjustment will be made of the workpiece and square plastic disc tray is securely connected together, while reducing wear and tear on the adjustment process to adjust the disc. After transformation, square plastic tray has a good grip effect, a person can be completed before the adjustment spindles inserted position, insert spindles must be solved in the past by the two co-regulation problems, reduce employment, while saving time adjustment required .


Electrostatic flocking adhesives which varieties

   Flocking is the use of transfer printing method, the transfer paper flocking fluff onto the garment or clothing. Because of thelength,thicknessdifferences fluff, for adhesive requirements also vary. The main component of such adhesives are of modified acrylates, and containing selfcrosslinking reactive groups. With UCAR (Dow Corning owned company Union Carbide synthetic latex), for example, its products are: R-8818: for electrostatic flocking soft clothing. R-852: for short-haired, medium wool and plush. Per meter coating weight of about 40-70g. R-854: ditto, feel better, width and stability. C-8834: non-woven fabric for lightweight, woven and leather, soft to the touch.

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