Health Care Function Type Textile Industry Puts Glorious Greatly In France

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Health Care Function Type Textile Industry Puts Glorious Greatly In France

Textile industry boom a downturn, but the medical function type textiles. French textile industry union director-general EmmanuelleButaud - Stubbs said: "the function type textile applications in aerospace, personal safety equipment and health care function etc. Different industries have obvious growth." All French about 200 medical textile companies, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, of which 83 companies specializing in the production of medical supplies.

Health care function type textile market in 2013 the growth of 2%, accounted for 16% of the total revenue of 960 million euros in the textile market. Bring market growth are two: the main causes of the progress of modern medical treatment and the growth of the elderly population. Well-catalogued, moreover, the new health care products sales also gives consumers the convenience, in varicose veins relieve stretch hose, waist support, etc can be bought directly in the pharmacy.

Industrial innovation is also quite important, new and different in the light of consumer demand, to provide choice. Recent sports population increase and stimulate more sports injuries related to products of consumption; Or adjustable gastric type ring and the outer breast, etc., are examples. Thuasne, Gibaud, Urgo, CousinBiotech French companies, to spare no effort to research and development innovation, and therefore has its place in the global market.

To produce lumbar belt Thuasne known French medical gear group, main market is France, Germany and the United States, following the 2011 mergers and acquisitions in the production of knee, ankle and orthodontic bracket after California TownsendDesign brand, also bought Sweden company Medibank, let the Nordic market brought in sales of 4 million euros, a double growth.

A total of 10 in the world's factory, five of which is located in France, two in Germany and eastern Europe, 1 in the United States. Only recently signed a contract with some venture capital companies to cooperate relationship, look forward to venture capital firms to develop new products, dedicated to the development of smart medical products, estimates published in 2 to 3 years after the first batch of smart new products. (Asian textile union)

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