JWG1738 Rapier - optimization of textile processes

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JWG1738 Rapier - optimization of textile processes
Textile machinery industry has entered a new period of development, which is characterized by the traditional textile machinery industry in enhancing the level of automation technology at the same time, emerging into the high-tech manufacturing equipment. The traditional equipment manufacturing industry is different, new equipment manufacturing industry is toward automation, precision and green.
It is understood, JWG1738 Rapier is Yuci Jingwei Textile Machinery Branch recently developed a high-speed looms, the maximum design speed of 630 rev / min, the production speed of 500 to 550 rev / min.
JWG1738 loom box wall, the main beam is cast molding, machine rigidity and stability strengthened to reduce vibration, the opening mechanism chosen Staubli2658 electronic dobby, wefting spatial four-bar linkage four intersecting axes, floating guide hook, beating conjugate cam beating, sent by the take-up mechanism with AC servo motor, the effective control of the warp tension constant, variable weft of weaving. The main drive switched reluctance motor directly drives, start with a super performance and accurate operation of the loom angle. Weft finding function is accomplished by the main motor at low speed. The whole machine adopts spray lubrication centralized lubrication, each gear pair, connecting rod bearing deputy and other transmission deputy and has proprietary lubrication points, making lubrication more reliable, better heat dissipation, extended service life of transmission parts and bearings.
In addition, the electrical control using SCM control, you can use your computer to edit the pattern, with automatic set level mechanized and automatic loom zero function, can capture detection, setup, adjustment of various process parameters, with fault diagnosis function, can weave machine network control, diagnostics and management.

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