JWF1383 type of high-quality strip and roll machine

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JWF1383 type of high-quality strip and roll machine
High-speed, low power, reliable and roll machine is the eternal pursuit article. The exhibition debut JWF1383 slug in Shanghai and roll machine is a new bar and roll machine, with high production speed, reliable, stable, low noise, low power consumption, the overall technical level in a leading position, Article textile enterprises and winder preferred model.
JWF1383-strip and roll machine with electronic pressure control, frequency control, dynamic testing sliver, and other high-tech electronic brakes on a roll pressing lap electronic proportional valve control pressure; drafting section double protection around the flower, the use of special cylinder from stopping while using light curtain technology to improve the draft about the reliability of flowers from the stop; drafting adopt belt drive technology to effectively reduce noise and power consumption; the main drive clutch and clutch imported calender rolls meshing clutch, both to improve the operational reliability and reduce the maintenance; Tenders discharge pipe for the convenience of storage, the magazine was reduced to 1.2 m height.
JWF1383-strip and roll machine uses a precision manufacturing and assembly technology, the whole machine no-load power consumption is only 2.2kw, noise 75.9dBA, production speed up to 135m / min, to yield up to 350kg / h, the aircraft will be its superior quality and high cost to win the favor of domestic and foreign markets, sales records to refresh the industry.

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