The Textile Industry Is Facing Many Pressures

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The textile industry is facing many pressures transfer active industrial area
In recent years, in the face of many difficulties and uncertainties in the background, the difficulties of China's economy maintained a steady and rapid development momentum. More good news is that many local consciously accelerate the transformation of economic development, intensify structural adjustment, the number of high energy consumption, high pollution and low value-added corporate relocation or exit the market at the same time, another group of companies are good Seizing an opportunity , turning crises into opportunities, we achieved a growing challenge for economic development increased stamina.
On the textile industry, in the face of many pressures, the current China's textile industry is actively eliminate backward production capacity, some of the leading companies with strong technical strength accelerate industry consolidation, which makes trade advantages gradually concentrated, effectively promote the optimal allocation of resources Configuration and improve the overall level of technology. Meanwhile, the textile industry is also active in the industrial zone transfers, trends coastal areas to inland gradient transfer of the textile industry investment occurs.

At present, China's economic development still faces many challenges and uncertainties, the heavy task of economic and social development. This is even more need to follow the scientific development concept, in the context of the national macro-control, turn pressure into motivation, know how to seize the opportunity to accelerate the transformation of economic development, in a timely manner to start restructuring, and strive to achieve tangible results, to ensure stable and rapid economic development .

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