New Energy-Saving Compact Spinning Device

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New energy-saving compact spinning device - high efficiency, the provincial workers

Compact Spinning has many advantages in terms of quality, but compact spinning device more wearing parts, maintenance and management requirements, in particular the substantial increase in energy consumption compared with ordinary ring, becoming a key factor in the transformation of enterprises spinning power. Therefore, how to reduce energy consumption compact spinning device, reducing machine spinning device material consumption, lower maintenance and management of labor, not only for the new requirements proposed compact spinning technology improvements, as well as the challenges the company faced spinning device.

WUXI D&T IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD in the successful development of the traditional three-roller spinning, compact spinning basis of four rollers on continuous technological innovation, the successful launch of a new generation of energy-saving compact spinning device, can greatly save not only energy, but also effective reduced equipment replacement and consumption, reducing the workload of management and maintenance. The main performance: 1, roving big quantitative: spinning 40s sirospun, single roving quantified 5 g / 10m or more; 2, light pressurization: After previous three-block pressure were 80N80N70N; 3, stable yarn CVb, evenness CVb can be controlled in less than 1.

A new generation of energy-efficient compact spinning device with innovative design, excellent processing standards, excellent yarn quality, low labor and energy are highly concerned about textile sector counterparts.


2015年5月29日 00:00